< Rave Party

Released: 2003
Director: Francesco Fanelli as Frank Pharro
Notes: DVD Pinko
Alternate Titles
  • Le Feu aux fesses
Notes and Reviews

Review based on the Italian DVD version, which runs 125 min.; the movie was shot in summer 2002 in Budapest. The titles are in English as is a certain amount of dialogue, presumably with the international market in mind. Some sources cite as director Francesco Avon (as Frank de Luca in some versions).

Franco Trentalance and Gabriel Montoya are two buddies who are travelling through Budapest. They attend a rave and try to screw the local girls.

  1. (Living room, couch, floor). Anna (as a blonde), Yvett, Trentalance, Montoya. The two girls swap guys throughout the scene; Corvi is the only one that engages in penetration (vaginal, anal and DP). Yvett limits herself to blowjobs. At the end Yvett jerks off Trentalance into her open mouth and face, Montoya jerks off into Corvi's open mouth.
  2. Trentalance picks up attractive blonde Agnese at an outdoor café and they move indoors. (In front of a very large mirror). Long anal scene in various positions; in piledriver, he jerks off over her face.
  3. At a railway station Montoya picks up a dark-skinned Afrodite, and they go indoors. Now she is wearing a zebra-striped outfit (and in a large toilet). She eventually takes an anal (in various positions), but she grimaces a lot, so I am unsure whether that is how she usually conducts herself during such scenes or whether she is not too thrilled about the anal drilling. He jerks off on her gaping anus.
  4. Bia is walking around outdoors; finding a secluded spot she masturbates with a dildo. Then she has an indoor threesome with Renato (Brazilian) and Clark (anal from each, DP, they both jerk off over her face).
  5. Trentalance picks up pig-tailed Vanessa on the street. They enjoy an ice-cream together, then they move indoors (living room) for a threesome with Montoya (anal from each, DP, facials).
  6. In a small restaurant, Montoya picks up Suzy and they make out in the small restroom (dark, grainy photography). They are soon joined by a second male (by process of elimination, GI Joe). After brief BJs for both males the trio moves over to a large indoor place housing a swimming pool (anal, facial from Montoya).

The title is a bit of a stretch- a sort of rave is only seen briefly at the beginning of the movie, where Anna (in a bikini) is seen dancing. The other girls are just picked up at random places in the city, and during the daytime. Most of the girls are quite attractive (with the exception of Corvi); the lighting and skin tones are pretty good. The sound is not that great and in the outdoor scenes elevator-type music is used to mask the ambient noise of the city. At the beginning of the movie, at the so-called Rave Party, Corvi is seen briefly walking with director Matteo Swaitz.


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