< Radio bizarr - Pissing Party 8

Released: 1988
Director: Moli
Notes: Magma, features Jeannie Pepper (iafd) and Toni Francis (bgafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Radio bizarr
Notes and Reviews

Jeannie Pepper is credited as Jeanny Pepper.

Males -

  • Rainer Adenbroth as Rainer A.
  • Rally van Kamp as Rally D.
  • John Dragon as Haijo R.
  • Frank Balard
  • Frank Faber
  • Jean-Paul Bride
  • Harry S. Morgan, non-sex
  • Paolo Benelli, non-sex
  • unidentified male

Skin flick writes:

This video is composed of six segments which as far as I know were original at the time but totally unconnected. Some episodes were shot in Germany, others in France and in Holland.

Segment 1: the same setting was largely used in Pervers hoch drei (Moli) and is probably French. (possibly shot by Alain Payet).

Segment 4 is no doubt French as the setting was used by Payet in Elle mouille entre les cordes.

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