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Released: 1980
Director: Joë de Palmer (as Jeremy Gold in some versions)
Notes: Auroch, 95 mins., director sometimes wrongly attributed to Alain Payet
Alternate Titles
  • Desideri caldi e bagnati Italy
  • Mitsouko's Poker Party 1986 soft version?
  • Poker partouze
  • Poker Show Golden Blue
Notes and Reviews

Males credited -

  • Omar Faudel (in the DVD) aka Hoss Malbrouck plays André
  • Jacques Marbeuf
  • Richard Lemieuvre
  • André Kay as André Vinouze

Males uncredited in the DVD -

  • Guy Royer
  • Jean Pierre Armand
  • Hubert Géral
  • Gilbert Servien

André organises very peculiar card games at home. On the first night each player gambles a young woman and the winners uses the girl he has won in the way he likes. They also use the girls as prizes when they play billards a little later.. When all the players are gone, André pays his due to his wife. On the second evening, André who has already lost his lover Véronique, gambles his wife Elisabeth and loses her too. She is thus offered to all the male guests. André eventually recovers his luck and gets his wife and lover back.

From a review originally published in La Saison Cinematographique 1981, translated by Prophilo.

From watching the DVD:

The sex scenes seem to be prizes or forfeits for games mainly of poker:

  • Dominique Saint Claire and André Kay in bathroom
  • intercut with 1 Marilyn Jess gives bj to Guy Royer at the poker table
  • Nicole Segaud and Cathy Stewart g/g in bedroom
  • Dominique Saint Claire, Nicole Segaud and Richard Lemievre shared bj and facial
  • XNK0375 and Jean-Pierre Armand, prize of game of pool, b/g in front of rest of party
  • intercut with Marilyn Jess and André Kay frottage
  • Cathy Stewart dominatrix over Omar Faudel
  • intercut with Marilyn Jess and André Kay b/g after watching through keyhole
  • Sophie Guers and Hubert Géral in pool room unwatched
  • Catherine Ringer in bathroom with two men - Gilbert Servien and Omar Faudel (?)
  • Marilyn Jess, Brigitte Verbecq and Jacques Marbeuf on bed
  • an orgy centred on Cathy Stewart - Brigitte Verbecq, Marilyn Jess, Sophie Guers, Catherine Ringer, Jacques Marbeuf, Hubert Géral, second older man, André Kay, Omar Faudel watches
  • this breaks up into Marilyn Jess and Brigitte Verbecq g/g and
  • Catherine Ringer b/b/g oral to facials.

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