< Requiem pour un vampire

Released: 1971
Director: Jean Rollin
Notes: horror, softcore
Alternate Titles
  • Caged Vampires
  • Caged Virgins 1974 USA
  • The Crazed Vampire
  • Crazed Virgins
  • Dungeon of Terror
  • Requiem for a Vampire
  • Réquiem por un Vampiro Spain
  • Sex Vampires
  • Vierges et vampires
  • Virgins and the Vampires 1974 USA
  • Virgins and Vampires
Notes and Reviews

Full cast:

  • Marie-Pierre Castel plays Marie
  • Mireille Dargent, as Mireille d'Argent, plays Michèle
  • Dominique plays Erika, the female vampire
  • Louise Dhour plays Louise, the guardian of the vampire's tomb
  • Agnès Petit plays a victim
  • Agnès Jacquet plays a victim
  • Anne-Rose Kurrat plays a victim

The non-virginal victims cannot become vampires in this story; so they are left to the pleasures of the males in the vampire's 'pack'.

Males -

  • Philippe Gasté plays Frédéric
  • Michel Delasalle plays the vampire
  • Antoine Mosin plays a male in the vampire's 'pack'
  • Olivier François plays a male in the vampire's 'pack'
  • Dominique Toussaint plays a male in the vampire's 'pack'
  • Paul Bisciglia plays the man with the bike
  • Jean-Noël Delamarre, uncredited, plays the accomplice of the fleeing schoolgirls
  • Jean-Marie Marguet, uncredited, plays the roadside fastfood vendor

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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