< Una Ragazzina vogliosetta

Released: 1984
Director: Luigi Latini De Marchi though given as Claude Berier (Claudio Perone)
Notes: Italian/French co-production - Cancer Cinematografica, Les Films du Chevain, Les Films Gais en Couleurs
Alternate Titles
  • French Games West Germany, VFL - High Carat 1199, 78 mins.
  • Cathy Stewart uncredited, plays the first girl contacted by Ludovico
  • Laura May as Laurans Erymard, plays Teresa
  • Nadine Roussial uncredited, plays Giusy, the widow (or countess Maria Benito depending on version)
  • Sandy Samuel in a black wig, plays Giselda, the second girl contacted by Ludovico
  • Vanessa [29] uncredited
  • XNK6886 uncredited, non-sex
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • an unidentified actor plays Ludovico
  • Paolo Celli plays Augusto (or Orazio depending on version), the druggist, father of Teresa
  • Claudio Perone plays Ubaldo (Paolo), the mayor
  • Rod Ligari plays Oscar, the widow's servant
  • Bruno Bernardini plays the burly man who attacks Ludovico

The movie tells the story of Teresa, the druggist's daughter (Laura May), and Ludovico. He wants her but her father wants her to get married to the butcher's son. Tired and frustrated by her delaying tactics, Ludovico answers contact ads and becomes acquainted with other women. Unfortunately things go totally wrong as he gets chased by trigger-happy hunters and jealous rivals.

He then takes a job as a butler. His mistress (Nadine Roussial) turns out to be a nymphomaniac, but the story comes to a happy ending when Teresa finds him.

The movie contains much dialogue spiced up with some brief sex which leaves not only Ludovico unsatisfied but also the viewer. Laura May is a cutie but the rest of the cast are just average.


Film information updated with help from Franco Grattarola & Andrea Napoli, Luce Rossa. La nascita e le prime fasi del cinema pornografico italiano, Roma: Ed. Iacobelli, 2014, pp. 397-398.

And thanks to skin flick for identifying the film and Vanessa.

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