< Sechs Schwedinnen im Pensionat

Released: 1979
Director: Erwin C. Dietrich
Notes: soft porn / comedy
Alternate Titles
  • Pensionato scolastico per ragazze disinibite Italy
  • Sex (Six) Swedish Girls in a Boarding School widescreen, Blue Ray, English title - 'Sex' changes to 'Six'.
  • Six Swedes on Campus
  • Suédoises au pensionnat France
  • Super porno girls in un college svedese
  • Untamed Sex
Notes and Reviews

A soft core romp with the some of the same student characters as Julchen und Jettchen - die verliebten Apothekerstöchter, but a different teacher, not Barbara Moose this time, unfortunately.

Miss Klein (Mademoiselle Stein in the French version) runs a boarding-school. The schoolgirls chloroform a peeping Tom, lock two plumbers in the dormitories, strip for a gamekeeper and tease their sports teacher. The teacher gets carried away in front of the class while giving a demonstartion of sexual positions with the gym teacher. Kerstin gives a sexy turn to their biking through the woods by attaching dildos to their bicycle seats. These move up and down as they pedal.

Partly from a review originally published in La Saison Cinematographique 1981, translated by Prophilo.

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