< Secrets de femmes

Released: 1986
Director: Michel Berny as Michel Barny
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Gerard Luig
  • Christophe Clark
  • André Kay
  • Michel Tourner
  • Claude Meyer (non-sex)
  • Peter Renald
  • Sascha Atzenbeck (uncredited)

There are a couple of female extras and several male extras.

Some of the names used in this may be unique to the film. The character names seem to be the same as the first names of the cast names.

Frigid Diane (Diana Auvers) goes to work at a telephone sex place which also seems to invovle reading letters from females. Her colleague Sophie (Sophie Musard) does the sexy phone chat. she is late and has to fuck the boss (Gérard Luig) as a punishment. Meanwhile Diane reads some letters.

The first relates how a blonde, Nicole (Bonatti) in a lemon cap gets fucked on a pool table by her father's chauffeur (Peter Renald), being discovered by her father at the end.

With a bit of intercutting Diane next reads a letter from Nadia (Baumel) of a g/g session with Melissa (Braco) which turns into a b/g/g session with Christophe Clark.

Then there is a letter from an older blonde (presumably Ingrid Clait) who is blindfolded by her husband (André Kay) and then fucked by him and a male friend (Christophe Clark).

Nicole (Bonatti) relates of being found masturbating in her bedroom by a young man (Michel Tourner), beckoning him in and fucking him.

Then comes a tale of a blonde, Julie (Juliette Nadel, presumably) getting stuck in a lift with Laura (Lancelot), getting claustrophobic and being concoled by Laura.

The final letter is from Sabina K who tells of being taken into a porn cinema by her boyfriend (Sascha Atzenbeck)and fucking him in the seats while several other men watch. The film being showed stars Joey Silvera and is one of the Marc Dorcel releases of American films shown in the trailers which follow at the end of the tape.

Then Diane is asked to step in the boss' office where she gets fucked (raped) by him.

Then Diane goes home and asks her boyfriend (Claude Meyer) to fuck her. She lifts her skirt to show her pussy but the film ends before the action starts.

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