< Sesso allo specchio

Released: 1984
Director: Franco lo Cascio as Lucky Faar Delly
Alternate Titles
  • J'ai envie de tout de partout Dir. credited to Oliver Rock (Gerard Gregory) for legal reasons France, theatrical title
  • Tendre Lolita France, Europix
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Giuliano Rosati (as Ashley Queen or Louis Damniano), plays the heir
  • Paolo Gramignano (as Ashley Queen or Louis Damniano), plays the gardener
  • Bruno Arias, non-sex, plays the solicitor

Thanks to skin flick for the extra information.

The original screen-credits are presumably stock ones, apart from Marina's, and are the same as for Le Due ... grandi labbra, albeit in a different order. The Europix release has no credits.

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