< Stavros 2

Released: 1999
Director: Mario Salieri
Notes: DVD Colmax, French
Alternate Titles
  • Stavros 2: Das Geständnis DVD Goldlight German, Italian
  • Stavros II screen title, Goldlight DVD
  • Alain L'Yle plays Stavros's secretary, non-sex
  • Bruno SX plays the young Stavros
  • Mephisto plays Stavros's bodyguard, non-sex
  • Philippe Dean plays Hans Helmut
  • Richard Lengin plays the press officer
  • Roberto Malone as Robert Malone, plays the sheikh
  • Walter Midolo plays the blackshirt
Notes and Reviews

Bruno SX wears a wig while playing the wartime Stavros, but not for the less young Stavros.

Males apart from the above -

  • Vittorio Fundarò plays Stavros, non-sex
  • Gerard Bouchon plays the man at the casting
  • Marco Giannini plays Stavros's secretary as an older man, non-sex
  • Joseph Tremenda plays a partisan, non-sex
  • Maurizio Del Fante plays a German machine gunner, non-sex
  • Fabio Altura plays a German machine gunner, non-sex
  • Mario Feltrini plays a German soldier, non-sex
  • Goffredo Maiorana plays a German soldier, non-sex

Also participated (apart from the above)

Guests at the reception: Nicole Alliot, Farah Morrel, Jeanna Willer, Marina Mosetti,, Franck Aimont, Maurice Villott, Sergio Michelozzi, Fabian Mistrel

College girls: Michelle Moros, Gaby Lessier, Antonella Wened, Fiona Muller, Sandra Jensen, Marina Giocchi

Arab: Ali Mohamed

Chauffeur: Luigi Morelli

Accordion player: Michele Fontino

Men at the party: Gianni Merolla, Sante Esposito, Marco Genieri, Elio Vorelli, Gennaro Moragno

Women at the party: Mara Sabelli, Irina Volpe, Sandra Iurzi, Gina Melano

Older man in the bus: Mario Donati

Men in the bus: Fabrizio Pecora, Michele Gionna, Elio Marchesi, Franco Deodato

Bus driver: Francesco Mariam

First housekeeper: Lorella Caldi

Second housekeeper: Marzia Bonaiuto

Third housekeeper: Nadia Teodori

Old women: Milena Fiorenzi, Gianna Federici

Bodyguards: Joseph Baillot, Mike Morris, Danny Forget, Vincent Jessor, Emanuele Libertino

Photographers [i.e. paparazzi]: Giancarlo Mura, Sergio Faletti, Marco Dorelli, Gianpaolo Ulderici, Franco Sforza, Michele Gualtiero, Maurizio Giannetti, Antonio Vicedomini, Enzo Varriale, Mario Del Duca, Gianni Padovano

Cameramen: Adalberto Giannozzi, Luigi Schiavetti, Teodoro Milano

Doormen: Adelmo Buonanno, Serge Villot

At the meeting [possibly in the background at the restaurant where Antonella meets the press officer]: Gianfranco Alidei, Arianna David, Orchidea Muti, Marialuisa Asti

Man at Stavros Inc.: Adelmo Scotti

Dancer [belly dancer]: Bahama Alasih

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