< Le Salaire de la Jouissance

Released: 2001
Director: J├Ârgen Woolf
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel
Alternate Titles
  • Amanda English title for German release
  • Payment for Pleasure DVD Wicked
  • George Uhl
  • Kamil Klein
  • Robert Rosenberg
Notes and Reviews

Plus -

  • Freddy
  • Jakub as Roddy


  1. Robert (R Rosenberg) and his girlfriend Mandy (Lynn Stone) arrive in Prague by train. They are broke and in their hotel room they pore over newspapers to see where they can find a job. They see an ad for a place that she thinks may be a brothel but he is dismissive and says it is only a place where you just smile at customers and make them drink. They have a friendly fuck in bed (anal, he jerks off over her chin and open mouth).
  2. The following day Mandy heads out to the "Atlas" night club, which is essentially a sex club. The place is empty but for an attractive brunette stripper (Zara) going through her routine with her blonde boss (Lucy) lustily looking on. Mandy and Zara have a brief conversation, and Mandy is hired (although it is not clear what her job is actually to be, it appears she will be a barmaid/hostess. As soon as Mandy leaves, the other two women get down to some lesbian sex (Zara fucks her boss with a white strap-on).
  3. Next day, at the club. Chris (George Uhl) and Kamil Klein are eyeing a couple of sexy looking girls sitting at the bar (Mika and Jessica). The guys go over to meet the girls and they all head to a more secluded part of the club where there is a bed. Mandy serves them drinks and leaves. Uhl is paired with Mika (anal) and Klein with Jessica (anal). Both guys jerk off over the two girls' faces "a la John Holmes".
  4. Possibly the following day, or some days after. Mandy is serving drinks in the same room as in scene 3. Camilla and Sabina are lying on the bed with Jakub, who tries unsuccessfully to get Mandy to join in. The trio then get busy with a threesome- anal for Sabina, and at the end Jakub jerks off over her open mouth.
  5. Mandy and Robert are having a discussion outdoors and she convinces him to work in the club as well. Some time later, in the club, we see Robert being propositioned by Krystal (anal, facial). Meanwhile, over at the bar, a short-haired blond male (Freddy) makes out with Mandy (anal, facial).

General observations/comments:

The plot as usual for these kinds of productions is pretty silly. The Mandy-Robert couple seems rather lost and clueless. It is Robert who presses her to take that job, when it is pretty obvious it is a place where there is fucking going on, and we must assume that the girls there are paid to fuck with the customers. At first Mandy only acts as a barmaid (and there does not seem to be any pressure from management for her to move beyond that), and we assume only a few days or weeks later she gets her boyfriend Robert to join in. All of a sudden after that foursome, the couple is talking about their good fortune and the tons of money they are making, and that they are planning to buy a big sports car. Yeah, right!

This review is based on the VMD French VHS release; I understand it was also released in the US by Wicked under the title 'Payment For Pleasure'. The Wicked DVD, according to the box cover, offers four audio tracks (English, French, German and Spanish) as well as three subtitles (Swedish, Danish, Portuguese). Although the movie was produced and distributed by VMD it was shot in Prague with entirely local talent. So I suspect they were all speaking in their native language and everything was re-dubbed in French for VMD- I don't know why they would go to such lengths since this movie is not exactly high-end product. The video quality and colours are OK, and the scenes are varied and well-executed. Rosenberg looked a bit foolish walking around Prague with a long coat (either it was a fashion statement, or perhaps he was influenced by Sergio Leone westerns).


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