< Le Sexe qui parle II

Released: 1977
Director: Claude Mulot as Frédéric Lansac
Notes: Blue One / Alpha France DVD, 2-disc set with Échanges de partenaires, La Dernière nuit, Extases extra-conjugales and La Grande baise
Alternate Titles
  • Pussy Talk 2
  • Triple introductions - le sexe qui parle no. 2
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Richard Lemieuvre plays Charles Villeret
  • Alban Ceray plays Laslo Viceroy
  • Jean Louis Vattier, uncredited, plays the Villerets' butler

Nils Hortzs appears in archive footage (brief) of Joelle's husband in Le Sexe Qui Parle picking up prostitute Patricia and passing on the affliction - we do not see his face in the actual sex scene.

A sort of La Ronde of talking sex organs. Patricia passes it on to Charles and it spreads outwards from there, though a lot if this is implied. Gwenda Farnel is Jackie, Charles' wife. She orders the butler to have sex with her when Charles is out with Patricia and then, to the butler's relief, leaves her husband.

Charles' talking cock puts off one woman (unlisted blonde) whom he tries to chat up on a park bench, but amuses Danièle Troeger who seems to be an English tourist who asks him directions.

Even a woman TV presenter seems to catch the affliction.

Alban Ceray, who seems to be some sort of James Bond figure called Laslo, catches it and takes himself off to a female scientist, Veronique, to investigate the phenomenon.

She tries to capture it in a large piece of glassware from which it passes to the cleaning lady (an early uncredited appearance by Barbara Moose).

In the final scene we see Charles and Laslo having sex with two females (one is Liliane Lemieuvre, the other XNK0399 of whom it is very diffiuclt to get a clear view) while being served wine by the butler. Then there is a dinner party in which the pussies and cocks take over the conversation.

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