< Schwarz und Geil

Released: 1992
Director: Moli
Notes: Magma 88 175, also stars Sunny McKay (iafd)
Notes and Reviews

Outside of Australian Sunny McKay, the other credits of the film are Angelique, Barbara, Francine, Babette and Giselle. Babette here is not the well-known French blonde; there is one more female name in the credits than girls who appear.

Males -

  • Pjotr Stanislas as Stan
  • Philippe Soine
  • Jean Yves LeCastel


  1. Sunny McKay, Philippe Soine
  2. XNK2317, Jean Yves LeCastel
  3. Angelique (8), Jean Yves LeCastel
  4. Sunny McKay, Francine (2)
  5. Francine (2), Philippe Soine
  6. short-haired redhead (XNK2320), Jean Yves LeCastel
  7. XNK2317, Jean Yves LeCastel, Pjotr Stanislas
  8. Sunny McKay, Jean Yves LeCastel


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