< Super-Gören

Released: 2000
Director: Gabriel Pontello
Notes: DBM TeenieVision TV025 / Deluxe D1013, 1 hr 31 mins
Alternate Titles
  • Super-Minxes USA, AngelVision
  • TeenieVision 25 - Super-Gören
  • Le Vogliose adolescenti C&R, Italy, CR1192
Notes and Reviews

Starring: Trini Maytell, Marnie Color, Uta Adams, Charlene Piazetta, Cora Nugget (Jirina), Claire Thomas.

Males -

  • Roberto Rosi (Robert Rosenberg)
  • Richard Lengin
  • Cedric Malraux (Philipe Arnaud)

As a Jirina fan, the main reason I'm reviewing this, it should be pointed out that this film bares an uncanny resemblance to Teeny Excesse: Lust - Geschrei im Internat (2000). Which one was made first isn't clear, but this one is slightly less impressive and Harry S. Morgan used the same location (the French chateux used here) in lots of films, so it's fair to assume this one was inspired by the Lust - Geschrei im Internat. It shares the same plot, location, costumes, jewellery and 80% of the cast; and there are several scenes which are duplicated almost verbatim. Even the sex toys are the same colour!

It's quite incredible how beautiful these girls are, there's not a duffer among them. The female performers repeated here from the other film, using the names used in Lust - Geschrei im Internat are: Jirina, Kamilla, Petra, Linda, Ultra Violet. And with the exception of blonde Kamilla, they're all slim, black haired young girls 18-20. Fine by me.

This was dubbed in German so the plot is unclear. Philipe Arnaud plays a school headmaster (again). Roberto Rosenberg brings in two girls (Kamilla and Petra) into his office. Arnaud seems to accuse them of owning sex toys which he pulls out of his drawer. They bend over and he punishes Kamilla by toying her pussy, then her arse, then both at once. Petra smoulders as she awaits her turn. Rosenberg watches. Petra then takes a green toy up her pussy. Arnaud sits at his desk and asks Rosenberg to sort them out as he watches, almost bored. On the sofa, they both suck him. Kamilla climbs on his dick cowgirl style and takes it in her pussy and her arse whilst Petra sits next to them watching, still smouldering, and rubbing her bald cunt. Then Kamilla gets in doggy style, rubbing Petra and waggling tongues with her. Then Petra takes it missionary-with-legs-in-the-air, still rubbing herself. There are times when I question my loyalty to Jirina, Petra is a bloody close second in my book. Then it's anal, same position, then he cums over both their faces. Arnaud applauds, sends them back to their classes and writes a report on the incident.

Same room, Arnaud still writing, Richard Lengin enters, brings in Linda and a girl who looks like Ultra Violet but isn't.. Lengin takes Linda to another room where she sucks him as he plays chess with himself (not good for your eyesight, playing with yourself, Richard). He pulls back the top of the chess board table to reveal a secret dildo stash. Linda strips and has both her holes lubed and probed with toys whilst on her hands and knees. No anal for Linda in Lust - Geschrei im Internat, so this is a revelation. Cut to the other room.

There is an unnamed girl in Lust - Geschrei im Internat, EGAFD research reveals she's called Ultra Violet (I referred to her as The Fist Girl in my review for the above film, as she was unnamed on the film but takes Jirina's entire hand up her pussy in both films). Now "Ultra Violet" is a powerful name for (fisting aside) such a shy little girl. She appears in this film later on in a scene with Jirina. But THIS new girl, not in the previous film, looks exactly like her, but has a much more fiery temperament (and bigger tits), and is, as yet unnamed on EGAFD; could it be HER who is the real Ultra Violet and EGFAD have confused them? Temperaments aside, they look identical and that name seems to suit this enthusiastic girl much more. However, until the name confusion is cleared up and the real Ultra Violet is revealed, I'll refer to them as Ultra Violet (aka the shy Fist Girl from Lust - Geschrei im Internat) and Fiery Girl. Confused? Good.

Fiery Girl wanks herself with a dildo enthusiastically, to what sounds like "Tears of Joy, Tears of Laughter", the theme to the old Russ Abbott show from the late 80's. I'm sure it's not, but I can hear it. Arnaud strips. She sucks him then jumps on for a quick showcase of various positions; cowgirl, doggy, reverse cowgirl then spoons. She's careful to keep her tits flapping about all the time. Missionary anal, she holds her pussy wide open for us to see inside - too much for "herr director" who cums in her face. Meanwhile, back at Joker's secret hideout...

Linda is still on all fours, being double dildoed.Lengin puts his dick in her arse instead, then reverse cowgirl anal, then spoons anal until he cums on her waiting tongue. Linda doesn't take her bra off at all throughout the scene.

48 minutes in and the reason I got the tape. Jirina and Ultra Violet (aka the Fist Girl) remake the scene from Lust - Geschrei im Internat. Down the stairs used in a thousand other Euro Teeny Excesse and rival porn films shot in the same location (Delires Obscene for example), Jirina and Ultra Violet carry their school books. Jirina "vants a tinkle" but Rosenberg is in the loo so they sit on the stairs waiting. As you do when you need a pee, Jirina starts playing with her pussy which encourages UV to do the same. (I'm guessing Jirina is called Cora Nugget here, as she also appears in Asian Joker, by the same director and is listed on the cast there, too, the only member of this cast that is.) They play with each other to a dreamy Blade Runner-Vangelis style tune, flicking tongues and, get this, actually kissing tenderly. Some tongue fencing, yes, but there's some real chemistry between them as they smile and look in each other's eyes as they snog! UV even holds the back of Jirina's head and pulls her closer. What a rarity in a porn film!! This leads me to my sad fanboy conclusion that this was indeed shot after Lust - Geschrei im Internat, as the two have obviously warmed to each other by this time and seemed comfortable enough to just enjoy themselves rather than do it for the money. I like to think they even took time off set to ... well, I LIKE to think about it.

Then Jirina gets between UV's legs and starts licking bald snatch. This time Jirina actually licks her, really goes for it. In the previous film she seems reluctant, as if it was too personal, only licking where UV's pubic hair starts, not her actual pussy - even whilst fisting her, and you can't get more personal than that. This time, she doesn't hold back.She kisses UV as she fingers her and eventually slips her entire right hand into her. Jirina then lies on the bottom step (she's so ickle, she can do this) rubbing herself and fisting upwards as UV squats over her. Great stuff, but it doesn't have the sweaty candle-lit atmosphere of the similar scene in Lust - Geschrei im Internat as the dubbing here robs it of it's mood as does the bland lighting, but for once in a porn film, you can be certain the girls are loving it.

Rosenberg finishes in the loo and catches them at it. He strips, nearly slips on the rug, and gives UV his cock to suck whilst being fisted. Then both girls get a turn. Jirina jumps on him and takes it straight up her bum, reverse cowgirl, with her trademark vigorous bouncing. Then UV takes it anally in doggy position as Jirina licks her pussy from underneath whilst rubbing herself. Words do not do it justice. It's nice to see UV has a greater repertoire than just being fisted by a girl as we assumed from the previous film. Here she does guys, too, and up the bum. Rosenberg pulls out and cums over Jirina's mouth and face.

The next scene shows headmaster Arnaud in his office when in comes Linda. The word "Arsch" is mentioned very soon after and she pulls her pants down. If only it was that simple in real life. He gets his cock out, with a "Voila!" and she has a taste. This mirrors the scene in Lust - Geschrei im Internat, with the same performers, same situation etc. only this one's a little slower, and more sensual. She gets on board in a sideways cowgirl, then full on reverse CG. Straight after, he slips up her bum in the same position (what was I saying about sensual?) and that gives her a big smile on her face - what we see of it, as we really don't see her face much in this scene. The previous film didn't allow for any anal for Linda. Then it's doggy anal. The one big close up of her face proves what I was saying earlier about there not being a minger among them. He cums on her tongue and gurns a lot.

The final scene and we're back with Fiery Girl. She and Richard Lengin (aka Gollum) are having an argument at a dinner table. In walk Rosenberg and Arnaud. Rosenberg starts touching her shoulders and just when you think "here comes a four-way", they both leave again. Lengin and Fiery Girl pounce on each other. Fiery removes her top and bra - it must be said that she possesses a fine, fine rack, of which she gives us an impressive side view. They point forward which they really shouldn't as they appear very real and are quite large - anyway, he starts licking her pussy and she's being all fiery on the table top, when the door behind them opens and Arnaud sticks his head in to see what's going on, revealing a big blue film light behind his head as he does so (!). He then leaves again, and Fiery starts sucking Lengin. The enthusiasm of this girl is amazing, but somewhat forced. She resembles UV so much in these close ups of her sucking, that they could be sisters. Man, what a family - one's overly enthused by sex, the other takes a fist up her pussy and they both love anal. Only in Europe. Hmmm. Now I'm unsure about her natural tits. Fucking cowgirl makes then bounce in a bizarre fashion, the front half of her tit moves, the back half doesn't.. Then spoons on the table, with lots of vigorous clit rubbing on her behalf, then briefly doggy over the table before he cums explosively in her face. No anal at all that time. Roll credits.

It must be a rip-off of Lust - Geschrei im Internat ; the similarities are ludicrous. To say this was an original would be like me making a black and white film with Orson Welles starring as an aging newspaper tycoon who dies at the start, and saying it was not a remake of Citizen Kane. I refuse to believe Harry S. Morgan saw this and thought "I must remake it, it's brilliant!". As a homage, it's way too close to the original, and such an obscure reference, I don't think anyone who hadn't chanced upon both films (as I did) would even notice. As a rip-off, it improves in some areas, fails in others. An interesting hour and a half.

Bill Malone

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