< Das Sexabitur 2

Released: 1981
Director: Jürgen Enz as Kenneth Howard
Alternate Titles
  • Docteur Vicieux
  • In Sex die Note 1
  • In Sex die Note Eins
  • La Secrétaire est une salope France, video release
  • Das versexte Klassenzimmer soft version
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • Peter Steiner Jr as Peter Steiger plays Straube
  • Frithjoff Klausen, uncredited, plays Dr. Schreier, the principal
  • Ralph Wieck, uncredited, plays Max, the ballet teacher
  • Mario Pollak, uncredited, plays Leonard Miller
  • Jürgen Enz, non-sex cameo, plays the pub owner
  • Horst Baron, archive footage from Das Sexabitur
  • Alfred Acktum, archive footage from Das Sexabitur

Long years have passed since the happenings in Das Sexabitur. Miller is assigned to a new school where one of the students, Anne Berger happens to be a daughter of Anne Blume. She is concerned about her upcoming Abitur and her promiscuous elder sister Ulla agrees to replace her for exams. (In fact, Andrea Werdien is apparently much older than Carola Reyen and bears no resemblance to her, leaving no credibility for this recurring theme.) After the exam, Ulla tempts Anne's teacher Straube. Later, he is surprised when the real Anne rejects his sexual advances but still he manages to seduce and deflower the girl. Straube is now running an affair with two girls (Ulla during exams period and Anne in regular school time) without knowing it and the different attributes of the two leave him frustrated. Nevertheless, everything is revealed after Anne's graduation and the film ends while both girls suck on Straube.

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