< Das Sex-Theater

Released: 1980
Director: Gérard Kikoïne
Notes: Beate-Uhse
Alternate Titles
  • Greta, Monika et Suzelle France, Blue One DVD with Maison de plaisir
  • Love Theatre 1985 USA (and European English title?)
Notes and Reviews

The original release was by Beate-Uhse. It was released by VCA in the US in 1985, but from the cast looks to have been made at about 1981. From the British English spelling of 'theatre' in 'Love Theatre', this may well be the original European English title. No directorial credits are given and the cast credits on jadedvideo are fake.

From other information received about the German title - Das Sex-Theater - it is probably the same film as Greta, Monika et Suzelle. imdb lists Brigitte Boisrond, Carole Grandjean and Sylvie Parker for this - their only credits. The names are otherwise unfamiliar.

Males -

  • Jacques Gateau
  • Thierry de Brem ?
  • Carmelo Petix plays the rich man
  • Cyril Val plays the mechanic

Jacques Gateau with his wife Dominique Saint Claire leads a theatrical troupe round country districts in a red double-decker Leyland bus* (passenger entry at rear, but there is no anal in this film!). A rich man asks them to stay at his mansion and performs in a play he has written. This turns out to be hard core and they leave, but their bus breaks down. After Jacques sends his daughter to seduce a mechanic from the next village to repair it and two other girls lead the mechanic off into the woods for a threesome to avoid paying, they return to the mansion and do the play. Jacques' daughter marries the rich man and there is a wedding party orgy on the bus.

Jacques' daughter is played by the slim strawberry blonde (Ella Rose) who appears in La Pension des fesses nues and Sweet Young Girls. In the first scene she is seen in b/g action with a male who looks like Thierry de Brem.

One of the two girls in the threesome in the woods is XNK0202, a blonde who is one of the students in Internat Geheimnisse Junge Madchen, and the other is XNK0317.

These two IDs suggest the early 80s as the time of production.

At one point, XNK0316 is woken by the rich man playing the violin and gives him a blowjob.

*for completeness' sake: a 1959 Leyland Titan PD3 lowbridge, formerly in service with Western of Ardrossan

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