< Stammtisch Thema Nr. 1

Released: 1979
Director: Sascha Atzenbeck (?)
Notes: Bayer Color Video
Alternate Titles
  • Desideri (Bagnati di Samantha) Dir. given as Sascha Atzenberg
  • Liebling der Schwiegermütter Bayer Color Video, has 'Stammtisch Thema Nr. 1' as a sub-title
  • Stammtisch Thema Nr. 1 "Liebling der Schwiegermütter" Dir. given as Peter Kramer Bayer Color Video box title
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Peter Bond
  • Sascha Atzenbeck
  • Anderl Bäuerl

A group of men meet in a pub, at the regulars' table. There they talk about sex, and each has a story to tell. For example, in the first story a husband (Peter Bond) makes his wife (Julia [3]) dress up as a prostitute in public, wearing only underwear under her coat, to get aroused and initiate marital sex (Incidentally, that idea had been nicked from Hausfrauen-Report 3.). When even that fails, she returns to the pickup place, fetches a real whore (Gisela Schwarz) plus client, and back home they have a foursome.


A summary of the rest of the film -

The first tale gets the barmaid (XNK1667) turned on and she goes into a back room with her boss to have sex.

Second tale - Claudia Mehringer is picked up in the park.

Third tale a man and his wife (Jane Iwanoff) seek lovers. He finds XNK1668. Jane Iwanoff arrives with her lover man in tow in the middle of her husband's sex session and they make a foursome.

A late arrival at the pub seems to be dressed as a monk (Anderl Bäuer). He (or someone else?) tells of an orgy - curly blonde (XNK1669), second curly blonde (XNK1670), short-haired curly brunette (XNK1671) red undies, black-haired girl (XNK1672).

The 'monk' at home - sitting with girl in white dress (XNK1673), but he has sex with an auburn-haired girl (XNK1674).

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