< Les Sept perversions de Vanessa

Released: 1986 ?
Director: Guy de Pasqual (Guy Bodart?)
Alternate Titles
  • Le Château des sept perversions
  • Prestazioni di Vanessa Italy
  • Vanessa ?
  • Vanessa's Seven Perversions
  • Vogliosita' morbose stolen title of Italian video
  • Gaëlle Pererra as Vaiana Perreira
  • XNK1487 as Joanna Bellwood, Joelle Atkins or Sylvia Evans, in the English language credits
  • XNK1488 as Joanna Bellwood, Joelle Atkins or Sylvia Evans, in the English language credits
  • XNK1489 as Joanna Bellwood, Joelle Atkins or Sylvia Evans, in the English language credits
Notes and Reviews

A mystery film which may be Belgian in origin. The Italian video release has credits stolen from a Hans Billian film of the late 70s.

A brunette (probably half-caste and presumably Vaiana Perreira playing Vanessa) flies off (on holiday?). She is picked up at Zurich airport and driven off into the country in a chauffeur-driven limo (an Alfa Romeo). The car breaks down or runs out of petrol. The chauffeur goes off and the brunette falls asleep in the back of the car. Then she seems to wake, gets out and wanders off through the mist (lots of dry ice) to a spooky mansion. (So far so much like Payet's late-90s Labyrinthe).

She is welcomed inside by a slightly-curly-haired brunette (XNK1487) who is naked under a black cape with red lining and a huge stiff collar. Vanessa goes to bed. She is wakened by the caped girl in the middle of the night and shown around. They go into a room where a bleached blonde (XNK1488) is kissing the breast of a third brunette (both naked). The caped girl joins in with the blonde and then both pay attention to Vanessa. Then they find a man and the two brunettes give him oral. (We see only his erection).

A brunette in a pink negligee (XNK1489) arrives. She stands while Vanessa kneels at her feet and licks her pussy. Then they all gather round the erection.

Then, in a dungeon, Vanessa kneels between two males standing facing each other, one black one white, and sucks them off. Then there is a g/g session between Vanessa and the third brunette.

The caped brunette fondles the penis of a man chained to a wall, arms spread. The blonde dildos a brunette bent over in front of the man and fellating him. Vanessa enters the room bearing a candelabra and sees herself (?) fondling the man's penis.

More fellatio of black man by caped brunette follows. She is joined by Vanessa who then has full sex riding the black stud, cowgirl, then taken doggy.

Vanessa wakes in the car when the chauffeur returns. Was it all a dream?

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