< Sesso pericoloso

Released: 2003
Director: Steve Morelli
Notes: M.G.R. Communications / Top Line / Eurocore
Alternate Titles
  • Dangerous Sex cable version, TeN Xtsy
  • Dangerously Alone Colmax English title
  • Pulsions Sexuelles Colmax
  • Bruno SX plays Davide, Patrizia's husband
  • Greg Centauro plays a voyeur
  • James Brossman plays James
  • Nick Lang plays a voyeur
  • Pierre DJ as Piero Simoni, plays Dario, Giulia's husband
  • Thomas Stone as Thomas Berg, plays a voyeur
Notes and Reviews

Other males -

  • Gigi plays Matteo, Dario's friend
  • an unidentified male, non-sex, plays Giovanni, a gardener
  • Steve Morelli, non-sex
(Thomas Stone is credited as Thomas Borg, not Berg.)

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