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Released: 2005
Director: Zoliboy
Notes: Real Blasta Productions, 21sextury.com Productions & Zoliboy.com
Notes and Reviews

Scene 1: A Romantik Day with Melinda.

Melinda with Zoli.

Hungarian Melinda spends time walking around sunny Budapest with Zoli (aka Zoliboy). They stop for a drink of water and head out to the lake. They continue on with the walk. Next we see Melinda in a house and she is French-kissed by Zoli. Melinda undresses and starts to suck Zoli off standing up. The pair end up on a bed where Melinda continues to give Zoli a BJ. They stop for a while and kiss then Melinda continues with the BJ. This time she begins to deep throat as well. Zoli ends up with a cumshot which lands on her face and body.

Scene 2: Pissing on My Love.

Izabell with Zoli.

Zoli is in his car on his way to pick up Izabell. (He refers to her as Izabella). He rants on about how he fancies this Hungarian teen Izabell and we see him with her at a shopping mall. Izabell tries out some new clothes in the changing room while Zoli fondles and plays with her. The very next day Zoli invites Izabell to his place to be a part of his video. Nineteen-year-old Izabell arrives at Zoli's place. He gets her to strip off. He sweet talks her a bit and Izabell begins to give Zoli a BJ and hand job while she is sitting on the couch. Izabell deep throats Zoli as he continues to enjoy the BJ she's giving him. He gives her a facial. Next we see Izabell in a bath tub and Zoli urinates all over her body. Izabell begins to give him a HJ and makes him cum over her body. Zoli plays with her pussy at the end of the scene as Izabell urinates in a bathtub.

Scene 3: Horny Ukrainian.

Katrin (as Marina) with Zoli.

Zoli is on top of his apartment block with Marina. (She is credited as Marina, but in the scene she refers to her name being Nicol, a nineteen-year-old from Ukraine). Marina shows off her body to Zoli as he begins to fondle her. She gets out of her clothes and Zoli begins to finger her, taking her back indoors. The fingering soon turns in to fisting on her pussy. Marina then begins to give Zoli a BJ on his bed and makes him cum, but this time the money shot does not land on her face.

Scene 4: Extreme Plays with Cherie.

Yasmine Gold (as Cherie) with Zoli.

Zoli is in his bed room and introduces the camera to Cherie, a blonde teen who is already naked and ready for action. A bit of kissing and fondling starts and within no time Cherie is giving Zoli a BJ. Zoli shows off Cherie's pussy and then the BJ continues. Zoli sticks his hand down Cherie's mouth and now he is trying to be like American Max Hardcore. He rubs Cherie's saliva all over her face, the BJ continues and yet again Zoli sticks his hand down her throat making her cough. He begins to rub more saliva on her face and again the BJ goes on. Zoli inserts a clitoris metal clip/funnel thing in her pussy, while she is having a smoke; Zoli decides to urinate inside the metal clip and into her pussy. He removes the metal clip and begins to urinate in to Cherie's mouth and at this point she looks as if she is going to throw up!! You can tell this by the expression on her face, but she tries to smile when she can. Zoli puts a funnel down Cherie's mouth and spits in it then shoots his cum inside it. The funnel is removed and Zoli puts his hand down her mouth once again. This is one scene not for the faint hearted. Keep a sick bucket handy.

Scene 5: My New Slave.

Evelyn with Zoli.

Red-haired Evelyn removes her clothes in the woods. She cleans her pussy with a tissue and puts back on her clothes. Zoli begins to urinate into her mouth. Next we see them in the kitchen, Zoli sticks his hand down her mouth and does the same saliva routine again as he did with Cherie in the previous scene. Evelyn lies on the floor bending her back and ass to the camera and doing the splits, at this point Zoli decides to urinate over her face. He then makes Evelyn urinate and as she is in a weird position this would partly land on her own face. Evelyn then does some fisting on her self. We enter the bathtub and Zoli once again decides to urinate on Evelyn's mouth. She takes a quick leak herself and then it's back to some self-fisting for Evelyn. Zoli decides he wants to join in and begins to finger her pussy and arse with both of his hands; he begins to fist her as well. Yet again Zoli urinates over Evelyn's face, and she begins to give him a BJ with deep throat. The scene ends with a facial. Another scene not for the faint hearted.

Scene 6: Play with Olivia.

Olivia York (as Olivia) solo scene.

Nineteen year old Hungarian Olivia is perched on the bed in her white long-sleeve top and jeans, smiling at the camera. Zoli begins to interview her. Her English is pretty good as she did some studying in the USA. She begins to strip off and show off her lovely lean figure. Olivia begins to play with her pussy and starts to masturbate with her fingers. Zoli provides Olivia with a long dildo but she doesn't use it. She inserts a metal pussy clip so that the camera can look inside her pussy hole. The pussy clip is removed and Olivia begins to fist herself, she then decides to use the long dildo on herself and masturbates hard. She displays her pussy for the camera after she has finished with the dildo. Olivia urinates in the bathtub.

Running time: 2 hours and 42 mins.

No region coding.


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