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Released: 1997
Director: Nils Molitor
Notes: Magma, DVD released in two parts
Alternate Titles
  • Sylvana - Kiimakuningatar Topsy (Finland) / Magma, 20085, both parts in one?
  • Sylvana 2: Blonde Göttin der Lust Magma, second part
  • Sylvana: Lady of Lust and Passion Magma, first part
Notes and Reviews

The currently available Magma DVD comprises two parts; a possibly complete combined version was released by Topsy. It is not known in what form the original VHS was released.

Magma version's scenes (Youngman, Lang and Gun are uncredited):

Part one (82 min. including a 6-min. trail for Part two):

  • Nicolette (b/g), Philippe Dean
  • Lea (anal), Andrew Youngman.
  • Zara (anal), Reinhard.

Part two (76 min.):

  • Holly (anal), Nick Lang.
  • Lea- solo.
  • Kathy (anal), Conny Dachs.
  • Zara (anal), Frank Gun.
  • Lea (b/g), Dean.

Topsy cover. The top-left illustration on the back - is the brunette Szilvia Lauren? - suggests there may have been a les scene that was cut in the Magma release.

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