< I Spilia tis Idonis

Released: 1976
Director: Yiorgos Papakostas
Notes: Greece, sex comedy, Faros Film, softcore. A version 105 mins. long may exist. English translation: 'The Cave of Lust'.
Alternate Titles
  • L'Amour dans un tonneau France
  • Fontaine der Lust West Germany
  • Fountains of Love
  • Fountains of Lust USA
  • Kaftes Diakopes Greece, video title, hardcore version, c. 85 mins. English Translation: 'Hot Holidays'
  • Sex sto Nissi tou Erota alternative title (in VHS) of the Greek hardcore version
  • Spilia tis Amartias
  • I Spilia tis Amartias
  • Spilia tis Idonis
  • Wilde Lust West Germany, soft video release by Video for Pleasure, German sound, c. 75 mins.
  • Annj Goren archive footage from Porno Esotic Love (added in some later versions only)
  • Dora Douma plays Bianca, Mario's mistress
  • Gisela Dali plays Eftichia, the maid. Hard core scenes are inserts using archive footage of other performers
  • Marja Armi in later hardcore release, archive footage from Diakopes ke Party me Ouza
  • Natasha O'Fray plays Margarita, Mario's wife
  • XNK4979 plays Esther, an opera singer (in a wig)
  • XNK4980 plays Jane, a tourist
  • XNK4991 as Dina Bourada, Vicky Basta, Galateia Toli or Mary Bouka, plays an angel
  • XNK4992 as Dina Bourada, Vicky Basta, Galateia Toli or Mary Bouka, plays an angel
  • XNK4993 as Dina Bourada, Vicky Basta, Galateia Toli or Mary Bouka, plays an angel
  • XNK4994 as Dina Bourada, Vicky Basta, Galateia Toli or Mary Bouka, plays the maid
  • XNK4995 in later hardcore release, archive footage from Diakopes ke Party me Ouza
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Yiorgos Moutsios plays Mario, the Italian count
  • Nikos Kokkinos plays the guy working at the local discotheque
  • Ilias Logothetis plays the first shepherd (tall and thin)
  • Tassos Psomopoulos plays the second shepherd (short man with a moustache)
  • Yiorgos Mattheou plays the peeping tom in the thermal springs

Plot Summary –

Mario, a middle-aged Italian count, visits Greece for his summer vacation. His hotel is situated by the sea near a cave, the thermal springs of which are famous for enhancing sexual stamina. [Although the first scene shows him on the boat reaching the beautiful island of Idra (Hydra), the hotel in which he is going to stay is actually a well known “castle-like” residence, situated at the Lagonissi resort, in the southern suburbs of Athens]. The soul of this hotel is the chief maid Eftichia, who is a very sexually active woman (the first sex scene shows her teasing the local fishermen, then having sex in a wine barrel with the younger of them). Eftichia, extremely intrigued and sexually aroused by the aristocratic descent of the count, does everything in her power to seduce him. With the help of the spring’s waters, she finally succeeds. The revitalized count starts getting sex as often as he can. The same applies in particular to the local guy working (as both waiter and dj) at the hotel’s discotheque. He gets to fuck the hot young tourist Jane (courted by the count shortly before) and receive some oral service from Esther, the older blonde opera singer and wife of a violinist, another hotel resident. Later on, Mario receives a visit not only from his Italian mistress Bianca, with whom he has sex in the fields, but also from his wife, Margarita, who is pleasantly surprised by her rejuvenated husband. Both women benefit from the spring’s magical waters, but Margarita also discovers the effect that some mysterious herb has over men; one of the shepherds, who discovered it accidentally, makes love to her, after watching her sunbathing naked. Mario also meets with the two shepherds, and tastes the magic herb, discovering its immediate effects. The situation having thus got out of control, Margarita puts an end to the whole erotic game, putting a chastity belt around Mario’s genitalia, placing its key in a necklace around her neck, to the dismay of everybody involved, but in particular of Mario and Eftichia.

Some remarks -

This film is really a case apart in the history of Greek erotica, as it represents an extremely rare case of sex comedy (greatly reminiscent of the German productions of the 1970s), unlike the large majority of films, which were actually erotic adventures or thrillers. It also constituted the last appearance on film of Gisela Dali (1937-2010), a very sexy actress who began her career in the 1960s and reached her peak in the 1970s, when she starred exclusively in erotic softcore movies for about six years, about ten of these films in all (see her IMDB filmography), being undoubtedly one of the few true stars of that era. She retired shortly after, living until her recent death a monastic life on a Greek island (despite a brief comeback, with a guest film appearance in 2005). To my knowledge, this Marina Hedman-look-a-like, a hot and sexy performer, never made any true hardcore appearances, although all of her roles and appearances were extremely bold and provocative for their time. In this film, most of her male partners are also well-known mainstream actors (Moutsios, Logothetis, Psomopoulos).

Around the mid-1980s, a hardcore version of this film (under the VHS titles Kaftes Diakopes or Sex sto Nissi tou Erota was distributed in Greece, partly (!) dubbed in English. For the most part (particularly all the scenes involving the above mentioned mainstream actors), the hard core footage – only close-ups - was clearly added from unknown sources, with the exception of the lesbian masturbation scene which originates from the Greek/Cypriot film Diakopes ke Party me Ouza. However, the three sex scenes involving minor actors featured in the film (Nikos Kokkinos and his two female partners, perhaps foreign girls, which are not credited or are credited under fake Greek names, plus the scene showing the violinist having sex with his older wife in the hotel room) may actually have been filmed in parallel to the shooting of the soft core footage, this version being destined for foreign markets, thus proving once more how well-founded were similar suspicions for many erotic productions during the first (golden) era of Greek porn in the ’70s. According to some trustworthy sources, these scenes were allegedly not shot by the director Y. Papakostas, but by the assistant director Kostas Revithis. These are very funny scenes, mainly because of the way Nikos Kokkinos has sex (very energetic, quite kinky, and always with some ‘touch’ of humour). He enthusiastically fucks young Jane in her room, but gets the surprise of his life from the older woman, who, after being teased by him about her sexual capacities, gives him a hard blowjob inside the disco, only to lose her false teeth, left behind on his erect dick!

The German alternative softcore version Wilde Lust, with a superior picture quality, also presents features of great interest, in that it comprises a longer edit of the sex scene between Natasha O’Fray and the two shepherds. O’Fray (who in an earlier scene was seemingly clearly masturbating in the thermal springs) is getting fucked by Psomopoulos, while simultaneously giving oral pleasure to Logothetis. If the blowjob looks fake, the fucking is very probably real. Taking into account that O’Fray did get involved in h/c scenes in the 1970s, as well as that considerable evidence of h/c performances of many minor yet mainstream actors (like Psomopoulos) has recently resurfaced, one could assume with a reasonable amount of certainty that this scene has not disappeared “at random” from the Greek hard re-edition…


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