< Selskie Kanikuly

Released: 1999
Director: Tatjana Tajskaja and Sergeij Volk
Notes: Russia, SP-Company
Alternate Titles
  • Rural Vacation
  • Russian Country Holidays International title, Brave Entertainment
  • Russian Rural holidays
Notes and Reviews

In the long introductory sequence we see a shy young man, a student, Harry Potter look-alike (Vsevolod Bobrov), traveling to a remote rural area to stay in a cottage with an older couple, presumably a farmer and his wife. He gets a lift but has to walk the last part through an area off scattered houses with lots of women who are either flashing him or whom he imagines doing so. So there are lots of nude, partially nude and clothed female extras.

He arrives at the cottage where he is to stay and is welcomed by a mature brunette (Anja Semyonova). Her husband (Nikita Denikin) then arrives. (It is later evident that this man is the only male in the district apart from our shy central character.)


  1. In the morning the student goes out to take a swim in the river but comes across two girls (Marina Kuvaldina, Veronika) having lesbian sex on the bank. He eventually gives up on his swim and returns to the cottage.
  2. The farmer is chopping wood. A large girl (Irina) in a red dress arrives and tries to seduce him, but is initially spurned. She takes over the wood cutting and impresses him so much that he changes his mind and they go into the woodshed and have sex. (Observed by our shy student.)
  3. The shy student then briefly observes his host and hostess having sex in their room – brief and maybe simulated.
  4. The blonde and brunette from scene 1 (Marina Kuvaldina, Veronika) accost the student when he is at the well, but he flees and they chase him round the cottage, to the amazement of the farmer. Then the farmer leads all the women of the village into the fields where they are seen cutting hay with scythes. He takes a break for lunch at the edge of the field and then lies back and goes to sleep. Marina and Veronika take advantage of him while he sleeps (at first) and then a large woman (Aleksandra) pushes them off him and takes over while the girls use dildos on themselves. When they all return from the field the farmer is seen talking to this large woman and in the next scene we see what he has arranged.
  5. The student is lying on his bed trying to study his geometry textbook but is unable to concentrate because he is replaying in his mind all the images he has seen. Outside Aleksandra arrives and is sent up to the student’s room by the farmer who has decided it is time for the student to overcome his shyness. The student is prevented from fleeing from the room by the farmer and the large woman then succeeds in seducing him – and educating him.
  6. Next morning the student observes the farmer and his wife having sex and is now confident enough to join in, even to take part in a DP.
  7. The student takes a walk, following the girls (Marina Kuvaldina, Veronika) who chased him before, and has a threesome with them in the sauna.
  8. All the women of the village now want the services of the farmer and the student and the farmer’s wife takes their money as she oversees a never ending succession of women into the cottage (but, as far as hardcore action is concerned, the females named above apart from Anya). Eventually the two men, exhausted, lock themselves away.

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