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Released: 1976
Director: Claude Mulot as Frédéric Lansac
Notes: France: Francis Leroi/Cinéma Plus (shot in 1975). Hard VHS version (by Alpha France) at 73 mins. Shorter hard version at almost 1 hr in: Blue One / Alpha France DVD, 2-disc set with Échanges de partenaires, Extases Extra-conjugales, La Grande Baise & Le Sexe qui parle II
Alternate Titles
  • La Dernière nuit soft version, also title of shorter hard version (at ca 1 hr) in: Blue One / Alpha France DVD, 2-disc set with Échanges de partenaires, Extases Extra-conjugales, La Grande Baise and Le Sexe qui parle II
  • Shocking German VHS by Beate Uhse, hard version, 73 mins
  • Teléfono roso ... El último orgasmo
  • Gilbert Servien plays Richard Sadler
  • Jacques Insermini plays Alex de Courval
  • Jean-Louis Vattier plays Arnold, the butler
  • Thierry de Brem inflashback sequences with Patricia
Notes and Reviews

There appear to have been two different French edits released on video in one of which the scenes appear in the wrong order. The DVD version is 13 or 14 minutes shorter than both the French videos and the German one.

Males -

  • Jacques Insermini plays Alex de Courval
  • Gilbert Servien plays Richard, colleague of de Courval, revealed to have a porn past
  • Jean-Louis Vattier plays Arnold, the butler
  • Jean Gu�rin plays Alain, the son
  • Thierry de Brem in flashbacks, possibly archive footage
  • A second male in flashbacks
  • Man who plays the US president
  • Johnny Wessler plays the president of the USSR

As the world slides to nuclear war and bombs explode in the background, the de Courvals have their family problems, but become increasingly uninhibited. Juliette is uninterested in her husband. Armelle is in love with him but he won't look at her. She spies on her flatmate having sex with a man, then kicks him out. The son of the de Courvals is caught masturbating by his tutor, Patricia, but she undoes her dress and masturbates as well while remembering an encounter with Thierry de Brem on a yacht (probably archive footage). There is a dinner party and Juliette cools herself against a fan, revealing her knickerless state. The son is caught masturbating under the table cloth and sent off to bed. Then the rest of the party adjourn to watch a porn film. It turns out that Richard features in this film and he almost leaves, but returns. Alex is turned on enough to begin to grope Patricia, and she remembers a threesome with Thierry and another male. Armelle almost masturbates and then, disgusted as the porn film reaches the point where two girls take a facial, she rushes to the bathroom. Alex goes to console her and she offers herself to him - we see a fantasy sequence - but he turns her down. But back in the main room Juliette and Patricia have leapt on Richard. Alex and Armelle join in and the butler is conscripted to make up the numbers. The son has dressed up in drag and watches from a balcony and then joins in.

All this is intercut with war sequences and shots of the leaders of the USA and USSR on the hotline. Now the mushroom clouds begin to go up and we see the US president getting a titty fuck from a busty brunette.

Additional film info added with help from Dictionnaire des films fran�ais pornographiques et �rotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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