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Notes: FM Video, FMD 675 compilation, c. 86 mins, stars Sarah Young
Alternate Titles
  • Sarah Young: Luxury Video Collection
Notes and Reviews


  1. Sarah Young and one guy (kissing, licks and fingers her, bj including ball sucking, screwing in various positions, anal, open mouth facial, bj clean off).
  2. Sarah Young and Kelly Trump (kissing, titty sucking, licking).
  3. Sarah Young, Rosanna Doll and Mike Foster (kissing, titty sucking, licking, bj, screwing and anal for both girls, open mouth facial for both girls, bj clean off).
  4. Sarah Young, Erika Bella, Christophe Clark and Jean-Yves Lecastel (kissing, titty fucking for Sarah, bj including ball sucking for both guys, both girls get screwed in various positions; anal, dp and dpp for Sarah; open mouth facial for each girl, bj clean off for the guys).
  5. Sarah Young and one guy (kissing, titty sucking, licks her, bj, screwing, anal, open mouth facial, bj clean off).
  6. Sarah Young and Roberto Malone (kissing, titty sucking, licks and fingers her, titty fucking, bj including ball sucking, screwing, anal, open mouth facial, bj clean off).

Notes: The DVD contains a chapter selection and a photo collection.


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