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Released: 2000
Director: Pierre Woodman
Notes: Private
Notes and Reviews

Silvie introduces each scene:

  1. Szylvia- poked and prodded by Woodman, BJ.
  2. Alexa [pre-enhancement]- DP (her only recorded one?).
  3. Adrienne- condomed anal. Gabriella Wolf translates and Judith Fox joins in with a second camera and a BJ; there's something faintly amusing in a girl being snared by a wolf and a fox. This casting is less poorly set-up than most, but an unedifying watch nevertheless.
  4. Svetlana and Liena- both DP.
  5. Claudia- mild dom, anal dildo and BJ; and Palma- anal.
  6. Andrea- DP bbbg.
  7. Dayana- DP. Presumably the outre alias comes from one of Woodman's tropical jaunts- Danakil, the former name of the Afar Triangle, is of course where our early hominid ancestor, 'Lucy' (Australopithecus afarensis), was found.
  8. Silvie- fairly short bbg, fuck and two BJs.

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