< Sweet Baby 2

Released: 1997
Director: Pierre Woodman
Notes: Private Gold 15
Alternate Titles
  • Private Gold 15
  • Sweet Lady 2
Notes and Reviews

Synopsis courtesy Private

In part two of this sexually charged thriller, psycotic sex fiend Estelle, discovers she has a half-sister called Astrid who lives in the Canary Islands. Obviously, being the psyco she is, Estelle jumps on the first plane and tracks her down. Astrid is a beautiful married latina who enjoys a fantastic sex life with her husband. While Estelle is busy duping her sister into thinking she is just a friendly holiday maker, the police are secretly watching every blowjob she gives! Estelle tries to kill Astrid but her plans are foiled when she is caught in the act by the police. There is a fantastic final scene where Estelle realises she will be going to prison for the rest of her life and the two policemen give her her last pair of cocks to fuck!

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