< Secretary Inside

Released: 1993
Director: Christophe Clark as Christof Clark
Notes: DBM CL4003 / DCL4003
Alternate Titles
  • Clark Entertainment 3 - Secretary Inside
  • Muschi Dschungel
  • Les Petites Secrétaires released in France by Défi
Notes and Reviews


  1. Katy Borman, Lea and Christophe Clark
  2. Sylvia [3], Mike Foster and unidentified male
  3. XNK6608 and Jean-Yves Lecastel
  4. Sylvia [3] and Christophe Clark
  5. Christina [3], XNK6607 (also in Remembers of Mr. Clark), Frank Gun and Philippe Soine
  6. XNK6606 (also in Remembers of Mr. Clark) and Jean-Yves Lecastel


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