< The Story of Shannon

Released: c. 1991
Director: Dino
Notes: DBM DinoVision DV204
Alternate Titles
  • DinoVision 4 - the Story of Shannon
Notes and Reviews

Notes by Len801:

Shannon is a US-born transsexual who appeared in a handful of pre-op movies in the early 1980's, in particular a memorable scene with Jennifer West in F.J. Lincoln's 'Go For It'- which incidentally was shot in Germany. In the mid-80's she appeared post-op in a number of US movies under the names Catherine Crystal and Crystal Evans.

  • We see the post-op Shannon leafing through an adult magazine featuring herself when she still had a dick. She travels to Salzburg where she has sex with three males in Tirolese costume (Willi Montana, Harry Killer and, strangely, a black male). Willi jerks off on Shannon's ass, she jerks off Harry over her open mouth. The black guy just got a bit of a blowjob- he was pretty limp throughout; for most of the time he just sat there on a bench and masturbated. Have no clue why he was included in the scene at all...he was so out of place.
  • Next, Shannon travels to Dusseldorf, where she has sex with Dolly and Linda in a bedroom, using sex-toys. At one point Shannon fucks Dolly with a strap-on; later, Dolly fists herself.
  • Shannon's next destination is Paris. There she meets up with Lulu, a brunette in a red dress, who turns out to be a she-male. Lulu is fully functional and fucks Shannon's pussy. After a while they are joined by a male (who by process of elimination must be the "Gabriel Le Mond" in the credits; he sports a large tattoo over his right breast). Gabriel gets blown by both ladies and he blows Lulu, but has 'wood issues' and takes little further part in the proceedings. Shannon is fucked vaginally by Lulu, who manages a much better erection than Gabriel. At the end he succeeds in dropping a couple of weak cum shots over Shannon's face.

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