< Sex-Roulette

Released: 1977
Director: Alan Vydra
Notes: German title, France / West Germany, Alan Vydra Studios Filmproduktion, Hamburg, VHS Beate Uhse 10023, 1987
Alternate Titles
  • Donne in amore Shendene DVD with Lucy in Love (Lucky in Love, American)
  • Langues cochonnes Dir. given as Paul Martin edited by Pierson to make it look French for tax reasons
  • Porno roulette à Monte Carlo
  • Porno show a Monte Carlo Italy
  • Roulette Tabu DVD title
  • Sex Roulette US title, subtitled 'game of pleasure'
  • Sex Roulette, Game of Pleasure
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Robert Leray plays Lord de Chamoiz
  • Désiré Bastareaud as Désir Bastareaud plays Balthasar
  • Jean De Villroy (though I suspect this is the fake American name for Robert Leray
  • Jack Gatteau as Pascal Gatteau plays a photographer
  • Carmelo Petix appears in the pigsty orgy scene
  • Hubert Géral appears in final orgy scene
  • Tony Morena appears in final orgy scene
  • John Oury appears in final orgy scene
  • and several others

The credits are difficult to read on my copy, but mostly do not match the imdb names, or those named above who are not on imdb.

Lord de Chamoiz is an old sex addict and his niece, Veronique, is a roulette addict. Lord de Chamoiz gets sexual favours from his female servants and his black dwarf servant, Balthasar, films sex orgies for his lordship's pleasure. On a trip to Monte Carlo Veronique is gradually enticed away from roulette to sex and finally demands that the roulette players gang bang her on the roulette table at a private game. Meanwhile Balthasar finds the (very large) girl of his dreams at the same party (XNK1169).

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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