< Schwester Linda

Notes: BB Video, Extra Ordinär
Alternate Titles
  • Extra Ordinär 14 - Schwester Linda
  • Geile Luder 23 - Schwester Linda 2006 Cybersales GL-23
Notes and Reviews

Males: Wim van Haaren (plays doctor), Jeed Kwist (plays Schwester Linda's boyfriend).

Notes by deezer:

  1. Ina, van Haaren
  2. XNK1344 (anal), 6938 (pisssing, anal, fisting, peed on by 1344 and male), van Haaren
  3. Carmen, Kwist
  4. Carmen (anal, fisting, pissing, peed on by male), 1344 (BJ only), van Haaren
  5. 1344, Kwist.

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