< La sposa abusata

Released: 2013
Director: Mario Salieri
Notes: ATV, scenes originally released via the SalieriXXX website
Alternate Titles
  • L'├ępouse des autres Colmax
  • Le Mogli degli Altri title of original web-release
Notes and Reviews

Males: Erik Brummer, Lorenzo Micoli (non-sex, plays the husband, Lorenzo), Don Fernando (non-sex), Steve Harlot.

  • Micaela poses for a photoshoot with Lorenzo.
  • Supper. Lorenzo seems rather bored, tired and somewhat preoccupied as his wife and her old schoolmate Silvia renew their friendship and exchange old stories. Sofia asks Lorenzo what is troubling him and he says that his photo-studio is experiencing serious financial problems and he has not paid his secretary for the last three months. However it seems, from his sly look, that he is making this up. Sofia turns back to Silvia and enquires as to what business she is in. We know something weird is afoot.
  • Kitchen, the next day. Lorenzo informs his wife the bank has turned down his request for finance and that he will have to file for bankruptcy. We see Silvia in an office talking to Brummer and showing him pictures of her latest potential prize, Sofia. While they are talking, Silvia receives a call from Sofia agreeing to her proposal for a rendezvous for the next day. Silvia reminds Brummer that there is a young girl (Alexis), awaiting her first assignment as a prostitute, in the next room. Brummer goes and fucks her (facial).
  • Artistic director Don F. and dance master Steve Harlot audition three ballerinas. One (Natacha) is hired on the spot and is allowed to leave. The other two (Kerry, Nataly) fail to satisfy Don F. who tells them that his associate will make further assessment of their talents before making a final choice. Harlot fucks both girls (the scene ends with Harlot jerking off on Kerry's face).
  • Lorenzo's studio. He has a brief business discussion with his secretary, Luisa.
  • Silvia is colluding with Don Fernando in obtaining 'fresh meat'; she knows Sofia is in dire need of money to rescue Lorenz's business. Brummer is a rich client who has a taste for young girls and classy ladies. Sofia, at Brummer's request, dresses in her bridal gown; she has sex with Brummer, ending with him jerking off on her left cheek. Sofia then returns home and hands Lorenzo a wad of cash, telling him that it is a personal loan from Silvia.
  • Brothel. It now becomes clear that Lorenzo knows Silvia is the Madam and that he has been using her services for some time - he is a greedy, manipulative man and more than happy to have his wife prostitute herself. Silvia has a young hooker waiting for Lorenzo in the next room. This girl (Alice??) is only seen briefly and in profile and no sex ensues.

Notes by Len801

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