< Streghe in amore

Released: c. 1997
Director: Mario Steno
Notes: Top Line Video / La Tecnofilm (Italy), 75 min.
Alternate Titles
  • Sorcières en amour Telsev 13091
Notes and Reviews


  • Roby Manero (Robert Ribot?)
  • Karim Sabaheddine (Zenza Raggi)
  • Gil (Gilles) Stuart
  • Bruno Sx
  • Xavier (Marc Barrow)
  • Erbert Reinhard (Reinhard)
  • Giancarlo Bini
  • Jason

Scenes. Each is linked by Ylena, solo at first, then condomed b/g as the film proceeds:

  1. Enora (anal bbg), Raggi, Stuart.
  2. Zabou (condomed anal bbg), Raggi, Reinhard.
  3. Nicolette (b/g), ?Jason.
  4. Dolly (per-makeover; bbg), Barrow, Raggi.
  5. Lea (b/g), Bruno.
  6. Ylena (b/g concludes)

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