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Released: c. 2002
Director: Twawer
Notes: SMalltalk HV 80225 (DVD: HV 88225)
  • Lady K. as/plays Lady Ky (end credits), Madame Klingel (back cover)
  • Lady Nicole as/plays Madame Nicole
  • Lara [2] plays Sklavin Anna (end credits), as/plays Anja (back cover)
  • Stefanie van Eckten as/plays Sklavin Natalie (end credits), Nathalie (back cover)
Notes and Reviews

Notes by deezer.

German audio, 56 min. approx. Hubsy as/plays Meister Hubertus; Big Daddy as/plays Handlanger Helmuth.

  1. Lara, Nicole, Hubsy. Whipping, spanking, hot wax, clothes-pegs for Lara from Hubsy and Nicole. Brief BJ for Hubsy, no cumshot
  2. Stefanie, Lady K., Big Daddy. Whipping, spanking, clothes-pegs for Stefanie. Whipping, hot wax for Big Daddy.

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