< Svenska Folkets Sexvanor 8

Released: 1996
Director: Mike Beck?
Notes: Aktuell Rapport (Sweden), also features Gilly Sampson (bgafd) as Stephanie; also double-title release with vol. 7
Alternate Titles
  • Anna & Friends 3
Notes and Reviews

With regular host Tina:

  1. Angelica (b/g, Alberto Rey
  2. Desk Top Sex. Artificially-pixelated fake webcam footage: Louise, solo
  3. Jennie (anal), Janne
  4. Amatör Film. Eva, an apprehensive-looking amateur. Solo with objects, some of them inserted by an unseen male - who finally ejaculates over her
  5. Monica, Sylvia (les)
  6. Gilly (solo)
  7. Petra (anal bbg), Micke, Ola. The camera seems more interested in the boys than the girl
  8. Reportage. Leena interviews Lana (in English), then they have lesbian sex
  9. Kerstin (b/g), Christer
  10. Margereta (b/g), unidentified/uncredited male.

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