< Svenska Folkets Sexvanor 7

Released: 1995
Director: Mike Beck
Notes: Aktuell Rapport (Sweden), also features Lynden Johnson (US); also double-title release with vol. 8
Notes and Reviews

Once again, Tina hosts.

  1. Louise (b/g), Claus
  2. Anika, "från Prag" (interview and solo)
  3. Kajsa (DP bbbg), Ola, Thomas, Per
  4. Amatör Film. Uncredited couple have b/g in a meadow, then in a bedroom
  5. Kim (solo), "från Stockholm"
  6. Reportage. 7435, 7436, 7437; Stefan, Janne, Mats
  7. Linda, Eva (les). Eva is not credited at the end
  8. Leena interviews Ron Jeremy. They then have a bgg with Lynden
  9. Susan (DP), Calle, Nico
  10. Silent movie-style b/w clip: 7433, 7434 (Gabriella, Sylvia); 5-way with Lars, Göran, Sven.

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