< Sauf meinen Saft, Pissluder

Released: 2000
Director: none credited, Ralf Bent?
Notes: Magma Wet 18109, screen title
Alternate Titles
  • Im Urin liegt die Wahrheit 2016, Dir. Ralf Bent Magma Classic Collection 68220, re-release
  • Magma Wet - Sauf meinen Saft, Pissluder!
  • Sauf meinen Saft, Pissluder! cover title
Notes and Reviews


  • Tom Cruiso
  • Karl-Heinz
  • Wolf Martin
  • Jasper Gude


  1. XNK8250 (BJ, Pee, GS, vag, cum on breast), Tom Cruiso (Pee, GS)
  2. Inge Bols (BJ, Pee, GS, vag, facial, cum on bush), Karl-Heinz (Pee, GS), Wolf Martin (Pee)
  3. Sandra Salieri (BJ, Pee, GS, fisting, vag, facial), XNK8258 (joining; BJ, Pee, GS, vag, facial), Karl-Heinz (Pee, then leaves), Jasper Gude, Wolf Martin (Pee)

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