< Train spécial pour Hitler

Released: 1977
Director: Alain Payet as James Gartner (or Gardner in some releases)
Notes: softcore thriller / sexploitation / nazisploitation; Eurociné (Paris) and Plata Film (Madrid) / Les Films Jacques Leitienne; 108 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Folterzug der Geschaendeten Frauen Dir. given as Alain Payet Kult Video DVD, DVD seems to have been restored from more than one print
  • Helltrain
  • Love Train for SS Europe - English video box title
  • Special Train for Hitler UK video title
  • SS Lust Train pour Hitler
  • Train spécial pour SS
  • Tren especial para Hitler Spain
  • Antoine Fontaine plays a nazi
  • Bob Asklöf as Bob Holger, plays Captain Paul Grünn
  • Claude Valmont uncredited, plays an audience member at the cabaret
  • Etienne Jaumillot plays the SS officer with Olga
  • Jacques Couderc plays a Polish partisan
Notes and Reviews

(Jacques Couderc and Etienne Jaumillot are uncredited.)

Other males -

  • Frank Braña plays Sturmbannführer Otto Kramer
  • Rudy Lenoir, Uncredited, plays commandant von Romm
  • Roger Darton, uncredited, plays John Jill, American correspondent
  • Miguel Angel Godo, uncredited, plays Boris, chief of the partisans
  • Michel Charrel, uncredited, plays a soldier
  • Claude Boisson, uncredited, plays a Polish partisan
  • Alain Robin plays an American officer
  • Roland Travers, uncredited, plays a member of the SS
  • José Luis Manrique, uncredited, plays a soldier
  • Olivier Mathot, uncredited, plays an SS officer on the train
  • Daniel J. White, uncredited, plays an audience member at the cabaret
  • Alain Delmer, uncredited, plays an SS officer
  • Raymond Pierson, uncredited, plays an SS officer playing the piano
  • Patrice Rhomm, uncredited, plays the conductor of the train
  • Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, uncredited, plays a German soldier
  • Erik Müller plays Schmitt
  • Pierre Catesson, uncredited
  • Herbert Fiala, uncredited, plays a Nazi at the cabaret
  • René Caillard and Ronald Weiss, both uncreedited

imdb says Marlène Myller appears as one of the prostitutes.

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