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Released: c. 1995
Director: Kullervo Koivisto as Mikko Jylhä
Notes: Finland, also stars Lynn Le May (iafd) playing the Abbess, novel by José Luis Gonzales.
Alternate Titles
  • God forgives, nuns don't... 1999 subtitle to Nunnat and to Kristina Bellanova version
  • Kristina Bellanova 4: A Nun's Story 1999
  • Kristina Bellanova Part 6: The nONANists 1999 or later Seventeen
  • Novices
  • Nunnat (part 1 and 2) produced Papillon Films (Spain), co-produced Video Art Holland and Dawai Corporation (Finland)
  • Pecado mortal (1 and 2)
  • Cindy [2] plays Cindy (in English voiceover), the Virgin nun
  • Jaana [4] plays Jaana (Jaana on screen), a student (novice)
  • Kaija [2] plays Kristiina (Kaija on screen), a student (novice)
  • Karmen
  • Kristina Bellanova in a scene added to the original version
  • Liisa [2] as Heidi on screen, plays Liisa, a student (novice)
  • Milla [3] as Milla on screen, plays a student (novice)
  • Sabina plays Hanna, a nun
  • Stina [2] uncredited, brief glimpse only
  • Vivian plays Abedissa II (the abbess in Spain)
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Edwin plays Jose, a priest in Spain
  • Ricky Great plays the gardener
  • Mark Monroy plays Mask 1 (masked priest - a cardinal in voiceover)
  • Archie Parker plays Mask II
  • unidentified male in added b/g/g Kristina Bellanova scene

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