< Triple X 29

Released: 1997
Director: Christophe Clark as Christopher Clark, Francois Clousot, Arthus Milo and maybe others
Notes: Private, also stars Lana Sands, Lennox, Nikki Lynn (iafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Private Triple X 29
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Frank Gun
  • Andrew Youngman
  • Jonathon Morgan
  • Philippe Soine
  • Alain Deloin
  • Guy de Silva
  • Sean Rider
  • Philippe Dean


  1. Where's the Waitress (directed by Christophe Clark as Christopher Clark) - Paru Silios, Frank Gun, Andrew Youngman
  2. Eniko (no director given) - Eniko Wrabel, Jonathon Morgan
  3. Sandra (directed by Francois Clousot) - Sandra Dark, Philippe Soine, Alain Deloin
  4. Rescue in Hawaii (no director given) - Lana (Sands), Lennox, Guy de Silva, Sean Rider
  5. The Antique Car (directed by Arthus Milo) - Vanda, Philippe Dean
  6. Report: Backstage in Italy - report on the filming of Italian Legacy with clips of performers concentrating on Sylvia Saint
  7. Just Not Married (no director given) - Nikki Lynn, Jonathon Morgan

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