< Trafic Féminin

Released: 1991
Director: Michel Ricaud,
Notes: Double Defi, 70 minutes, stars Sunny McKay (iafd) and Lynn Armitage (bgafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Dichter Verker Germany, this release has small cuts throughout to remove any elements of simulated 'forced' sex
  • French Connection Germany, Scandinavian Pictures
  • Valentina
Notes and Reviews
  • Sunny McKay plays Véronique
  • Lindy (Lynn Armitage) plays Caroline

Males -

  • Siam plays Raoul
  • Richard (Lengin) plays G. Rigoud
  • Rally (van Kamp) plays A. Rigoud
  • Alex (Martin) plays the first client
  • Ralf (Stuettgen) plays the second client
  • Bruno (Henckes) plays the first sailor
  • Kevin (Leeb) plays the second sailor

Thanks to skin flick for extra information and corrections.

A brunette and her boyfriend stop their motorbike in the country (south of France) and go into the woods. He forces her to have sex. she runs off and is picked up by a blonde woman in her car. The blonde takes her to her house and seduces her. The blonde is a madam and shows the brunette a couple having sex through a two-way mirror. Then she teaches her not to be afraid of sex by involving her in a threesome in which the blonde takes anal.

This is intercut with Sunny MacKay and Lynn Armitage in a dress shop. They fall through a trapdoor into a cellar where two men force sex on them (one is Richard Lengin) - the shopkeeper (Fanny) is in on the racket. Then they bundle the women into coffins and take them in a helicopter to a cabin cruiser offshore. They are forced to have sex with the crew as a preliminary to being used to service the blonde's clients.

The boyfriend of the brunette traces her to the blonde's home where he is fobbed off. But he follows the blonde to the harbour and swims out to the cruiser where he overpowers the crew and throws the blonde overboard. The grateful Sunny and Lynn have sex with him.

But his girlfriend has not been inducted into the forced prostitution racket and she is used to persuade him off the cruiser. They have sex on another boat. We are not told the fate of Sunny and Lynn.

Another dubious French film where women are forced to have sex, submit and seem to enjoy it.

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