< Les Tripoteuses

Released: 1974
Director: Lucien Hustaix
Notes: Les Films Hustaix, soft (89 mins. on film) and hard versions, French video release (Nord Video, soft version, 83 mins) 1981, full version 91 mins
Alternate Titles
  • Der alte Graf und seine Superbienen West Germany, VFL, 71 mins.
  • Dangerous Passion US title, VCA release, 64 mins
  • Claudia Zante plays Claudia
  • Claudine Beccarie uncredited, plays a lesbian in the projected archive footage from Les Jouisseuses
  • Danièle Gely non-sex, non-nude (unless involved in the orgy scene)
  • Ellen Earl plays Hélène, in the main film and appears in archive footage from Les Jouisseuses
  • France Quénie plays two roles - Marcel's wife (in a wig) and one of the other girls
  • Lydia Carol as Lily, plays Babette
  • XNK1270 soft sex, non-nude
  • XNK1301 non-sex, the nurse
  • XNK1302 non-sex, the invalid old lady
  • XNK8113 plays the cook (not in American release), soft sex in one French version at least, hardcore in German version
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Jacques Marbeuf plays Jacques
  • Robert Leray plays Marcel
  • André Chanu plays André
  • Jacques Coudrec plays Jean, the postman
  • Greg Masters (Fred Randazzo) plays Bébert 'le draguer' (man who picks up women)
  • Gérard Legardeur plays Gérard
  • Lazlo Vencia plays the butcher
  • Jacques Carsi
  • Brochu plays the doorman
  • Jean-Claude Reminiac plays a nurse
  • Jacques Mouret
  • Christian Louis

Female names in the credits are: Ellen Earl, Claudia Zante, France Quénie, Lily (with the last being Lydia Carol, these are all present and recognised), Francine Collos, Céline Lemont, Danou (presumed to refer to Danièle Gely), Georgia and Sandra Miller. Le Dictionnaire says that Danou plays Dany and Céline Lemont plays Joselle, but these names could not be made out in the dialogue. Incl;uding the invalid old lady there are six unidentified females in the French soft version (five in the American hard version), and Le Dictionnaire also mentions the name Jacqueline Bergin, which does not appear in the credits.

The credit scene (original version) is taken from Edith, Hustaix's first film. We can see the leading female character (of Edith) being chased by three young men through a fairground. Next Greg Masters is seen coming from the fair with a few prizes in his arms (information from skin flick).

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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