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Released: 1980
Director: Michel Baudricourt as Michel Anthony
Notes: France, 80 mins
Alternate Titles
  • Charlotte, una ragazza in calore Italy
  • Sinnliche Sehnsucht DVD Herzog
Notes and Reviews

Inaccurate or fake credits in the Italian version-

  • dir. Michel Caputo (as Michel Anthony in the French release, correct)
  • Nicole Seguax (correct in that Nicole Segaud is in it)
  • Odette Burel (correct in that Laura Clair is in it)
  • Lydia Ferdix (who knows)
  • Dominique Troye (definitely not in it)

Females who are in it apart from the above are Jane Baker, Elisabeth Buré, a black girl (Marie-Claude Moreau) and Elodie Delage.

Males who are in it -

  • Jacques Vinair (Guy Berardan?) plays the young doctor, Mario, object of Charlotte's affections
  • Richard Lemieuvre (Richard Allan) plays Claudia's father
  • Guy Royer plays Jean-Paul
  • Jacques Gateau plays the driving instructor
  • Piotr Stanislas - the peeping Tom
  • an older male, non-sex

Set in a seaside town.

Nicole Segaud is a virgin (?) in love with a young doctor for whom she cleans and who doesn't look at her, but has sex with Jane Baker who also has sex with Guy Royer. Laura Clair is Nicole's friend and confidante - they have a g/g session in the woods. Piotr Stanislas spies on them.

Eventually the young doctor goes off to work in Africa (where he has a b/g/g session in a tent with his nurses, one of whom is XNK0053, the other Elodie Delage). Nicole tries to go with him but he throws her out of the car.

She peeps on Richard Lemieuvre and Elisabeth Buré having sex, but they find her and drag her in for a threesome - after a struggle she succumbs and enjoys it. Next she is dragged into a field and fucked by her driving instructor (Jacques Gateau). Piotr Stanislas watches then has her as well as she lies recovering from the attentions of the driving instructor.

The young doctor returns on being informed that Jane Baker is due to marry Guy Royer and eventually falls for Nicole on the rebound.

Prophilo translates from a review originally published in La Saison Cinematographique 1981 -

Charlotte is a maid in Honfleur and in love with her boss, Doctor Mario. She speaks her mind to Milou the Sailor and to her friend the postwoman (Laura Clair). Mario doesn't care a bit for her and is engaged to Claudia. Charlotte spies on everybody and knows that Claudia has an affair with Jean-Paul. Mario has to go to Zaïre. Claudia, following the advice given her by her parents, decides not to go with him and to wait for his return. As soon as Mario has gone, Claudia marries Jean-Paul. Very desperate, Charlotte pretending she is Claudia, writes to Mario. Her letters help him standing the difficult conditions he is living in. When he returns home, he discovers the truth about Claudia who is now expecting a child. Mario eventually realises he truthfulness of Charlotte's love and saves her from her attempt to drown in the sea. Very romantic for once, isn't it?

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