< Die Töchter des Schmieds

Released: 2001
Director: Backey Jakic
Notes: Backey Jakic Media and MMV, VHS 17945
Alternate Titles
  • 6 demi-vierges French title, soft versions, parts 1 and 2 merged
  • The Blacksmith's Daughters
  • Blacksmith's Dougthers title as shown on screen in this version
  • Daughter of the Smith
  • De Dochters van de smid Netherlands, Fun Video
  • Kovaceve kceri Croation title
  • Liebestolle Töchter 2 MMV alternative title
  • Lo Spirito di Clementine FM Video FM025, with fictitious credits
  • Anita Bond as Anita Soros, plays Olga
  • Cassandra [2] plays daughter Maria
  • Claudia Jamsson as Claudia Jameson, plays daughter Erika
  • Karma as Karma Nera, plays the daughter married to Freddy
  • Lenka Harmova as Lenka Dona, plays daughter Elena
  • Leona Bojko as Leona Blur, plays Monika, the girl hanging up the washing
  • Mery as Silvia Peta or Erica Kramp, plays the unnamed daughter
  • Nicky Stone as Nici Stone, non-sex, plays Tania, the blacksmith's mistress
  • Paula King uncredited
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Freddy Dalton
  • Agoston Kovach
  • Bondi Bachi (assumed to be male)
  • Zvonko Bel (assumed to be male)
  • Ferentz Janos
  • Atila Hun
  • Istvan Dok
  • Jacuza Hadjuk (assumed to be male)

There are lots of extras of both sexes and some speaking parts which are non-sex roles.

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