< Torrente X - Operación Vinagra

Released: 2005
Director: Natxo Allende as Torbe
Notes: Spain, La Cerda Films
Notes and Reviews

The authorised porn adaptation of the adventures of José Luis Torrente, an anti-hero created by Spanish comedian Santiago Segura. The director, producer, and lead actor Torbe (Natxo Allende) had also made his most notable appearances in Torrente films. Torrente is a corrupt and clumsy former cop expelled from the Madrid Police Department. He earns his living working as a private investigator, bodyguard, etc. He is a satirically fervent and Catalanophobic Spanish nationalist and a misogynist who is on good terms with women only if they are prostitutes. In this adventure, Torrente faces evil Arlequin's conspiracy based on a new pill ten times stronger than Viagra. The affairs lead Torrente to Russia where he has a threesome with two girls wearing white shirts and tartan miniskirts, probably a reference to Russian Institute films.


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