< Terrore nel bosco 2

Released: 1998
Director: Enzo Gallo as Steve Morelli
Notes and Reviews

Scene breakdown:

  1. Fovéa/Laura Conti - les;
  2. The 'wig' Fovéa continues, to full sex;
  3. The girls meet two guys when their car breaks down. Fovea - lengthy DP, Laura Conti - b/g including brief anal;
  4. The 'wig' scene finishes with a facial;
  5. Betty Anderson- modelling in various lingerie, then sex with photographer.

I didn't really get the plot, which was something to do with the villain stalking and murdering people over his lost love [the 'wig' Fovea]. Why these people don't just acquire a drink problem, or have a lot of expensive relationship-counselling, I'll never know...

Anyhow, he has been stalking the unwigged Fovéa and after the Betty Anderson scene, finally abducts her and secretes her [alive - so she will live to do porn again another day!] in a cupboard in a cottage. Alerted by her friends, the law arrives and the film concludes with them looking meaningfully at the cupboard, having heard from it a suspicious noise, while the murderer shuffles his feet guiltily.


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