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Released: 1985
Director: Gilbert Roussel as Ken Pucell
Notes: Socai Films, c. 60 mins., compilation
Notes and Reviews

This title is at least a part compilation.

Males -

  • André Kay
  • Jean-Pierre Armand as J. P. Armand
  • Louis Leveveille


  1. Karoline Houtart and André Kay
  2. Karoline Houtart and Jean-Pierre Armand (includes anal)
  3. Béatrice Vidal (in a Pink Panther mask), Agnès Ardant and Nathalie Lhermitte (masked for part of the time), joined by André Kay and Louis Leveveille (scene taken from Chattes rousses en nylon noir)
  4. XNK6138, Jean-Pierre Armand and André Kay
  5. Karoline Houtart and XNK2819
  6. Rosy Stuart, André Kay and a briefly-seen non-sex Evelyne Lang
  7. Béatrice Vidal and Jean-Pierre Armand
  8. a wizened old man on his death bed and Nathalie Lhermitte (with a black wig on and thick glasses), scene taken from Foutez-moi par tous les trous.

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