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Released: c. 2001
Director: Narcis Bosch
Notes: Moonlight Video (Italy) SB 43 D, original Spanish title unknown. Also stars Leigh Brooke, Jane [12] and Jenny [7] (bgafd)
Notes and Reviews

Jenny is included on bgafd largely on the strength of the film's soundtrack. Ramon Nomar asks her some questions in English which are answered by a dubbed female voice which is out-of-synch with the girl's lip-movements. This disembodied voice claims she comes from London.

  1. Dominika (anal), Kevin Long.
  2. Ashley, a very pretty, very familiar-looking brunette. Opens with an utterly revolting toe-sucking session; females usually have nice toes, men do not. As with incest or folk-dancing, women sucking men's toes should only ever be done behind closed (and preferably barred and electrified) doors. Nomar finally wrests her away from the depredations of the (thankfully, anonymous) Toe Demon for some nice anal, which Ashley seems to enjoy.
  3. Sharon, unknown male. Joined by Angela and Nomar. Side-by-side anals with their respective partners; little, if any, cross-pair interaction.
  4. Jane (anal), Nomar.
  5. Jenny (b/g), Nomar.
  6. Leigh (with boobs enhanced; anal), Nomar.


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