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Released: 1970s
Director: Sascha Alexander
Notes: loop, 19 mins., Hot Movies Production, Paradise P102, included on Teenagers 3 collection under title Bizar Sex, stars Serena (iafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Bizar Sex title on cover of Teenagers 3
  • XNK8043 as Gina Borsini or Maria Busche
  • XNK8044 as Gina Borsini or Maria Busche
Notes and Reviews

Included on Teenagers 3 with its credit sequence intact apart from the original title: Serena Blaquelord, Gina Borsini, Peter van Eyten, Maria Busche ... directed by Sascha Alexander.

If the cast names, Serena apart, are not entirely invented, then 'Gina Borsini' may refer to the wife, 'Peter van Eyten' to the submissive husband and 'Maria Busche' to Serena's maidservant. Serena plays a dominatrix.

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