< Der Terminator im Koffer

Released: 2004
Director: R. Meier as Rud Meier's (screen), J.C and R.M (cover)
Notes: Goldlight RWM VideoDesign DVD-M-4124; 90 min + 13 min BTS
Alternate Titles
  • La Maquina del sexo Negroyazul
  • Dieter von Stein as Diether von Stein, plays Studiobesitzer (owner of a gym)
  • J.J. plays Frank
  • Jean Pallett plays Massagesalonbesitzer
Notes and Reviews

Plus Frank Hoppman as Franko Hopp, plays Hans and Rud Meier's (brief non-sex), plays Freund von Andrea.


  1. Daria Glower (BJ, vag, anal, facial), J.J.
  2. Lexi Blank (BJ, vag, cum on body), Edmunde (brief non-sex), Dieter von Stein
  3. Vera (BJ, vag, facial), Frank Hoppmann
  4. Edmunde (BJ, vag, cum on pussy), J.J.
  5. Lexi Blank (BJ, vag, facial), Jean Pallett

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