< L'Usine

Released: 1998
Director: Pierre Moro
Notes: France, Klitorix
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • David Perry plays Di Marco
  • Marc Barrow plays Bertrand, a worker at the factory
  • Steve Marlow plays a worker at the factory
  • Yannick plays a worker at the factory
  • Dan Cooper plays a worker at the factory
  • Zac plays a worker at the factory
  • Benjamin plays a worker at the factory

Julie Delafosse is the boss of a factory which is running out of money. Thanks to the generosity of Di Marco (who doesn't give his money without something juicy in return), the factory is eventually rescued. This thin story allows us to see Kim having some fun in the workshop with Marc Barrow; then David Perry engaged in a threesome with Emilie and Océane; then Océane being gangbanged by three men and a fourth when Marc Barrow moves in. Then Chipy Marlow thanks in her own and arousing way a worker (played by her actual husband, Steve Marlow) who has helped her to weld some metal pieces. They are joined by Marc Barrow (lucky him!) for a short threesome and she ends up with her worker after Barrow's departure. Once the factory is saved, the whole bunch of "workers" join for a final orgy after Chipy has danced (her ass is definitely her best quality) and sung some would-be hard rock (the actress seems to have some pretence at singing, unfortunately very badly). Personal opinion: Not a bad movie. Chipy Marlow has really a nice body but the best scene remains the one between Océane and her gangbangers.


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